If you’re a top performing Healthcare Communications professional, you have specialist skills, knowledge and experience that leading businesses need and want.  However, when do you have the time to look for your next career move?

Whether you’re just keeping an eye out or you’re really motivated to find your next Healthcare Communications career move, your time is precious. And what can you really tell from an advert? I’m confident you will have had some unfortunate experiences resulting from responding to adverts at some point, either you never heard back from them or you went a step further and took time off work to attend an interview, only to find the job was nothing like you had understood it to be; it was too junior for you; the salary too low; not a good cultural fit to name but a few.

If you discovered a role wasn’t right for you at the interview stage, you are one of the lucky ones. Others are not so lucky and join businesses, only to discover in the early weeks and months that they have made a disastrous career mistake that can be very difficult to explain on a CV.


‘Thank you for all your help with my search and getting me through the interview process. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you, your experience and knowledge of the industry/market has been very valuable and it's been lovely to work with someone so personable and professional. I've been impressed with how diligent and proactive you've been with following up and keeping everyone informed at all times’.

Scientific Director, Global Healthcare Communications  Group


You’ll have a partner who invests in you and takes the time to understand your career path. Your search consultant will know you and your aspirations, drivers and career objectives and will champion you as an individual when speaking to leading Healthcare Communications agencies about you, not just providing them your CV.

You’ll have someone you can trust to facilitate introductions to the right businesses, who will give you a full brief on a potential role and not skip any less favourable details so you can make an informed decision about a specific Healthcare Communications job/role and employer; eliminating the risk of making an unwise career move.

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