What are the amateurs costing you?

Early on in my Healthcare Communications career (I was on the agency side for nine years before moving into search), I was lucky enough for my first role to join Medical Action Communications (MAC) as a medical writer. MAC were extremely well thought of and definitely one of the market shapers at that time. 

What I remember well was the amount of work we picked up through projects being delivered badly by incumbent suppliers. A number of companies freelanced out their medical writing to lower their costs but often the quality was poor; data was reported incorrectly and key messages were missed – to give only a few examples! By not investing in working with the best Healthcare Communications agencies in the first place clients were faced with the situation where the quality of their deliverables was compromised. Compromised so much that it would often have to be totally re written and they paid twice! Oh how heads rolled!

If only they had made the right decision first time. They would have been seeing a return on investment so much earlier and without having to pay out twice.

I see this so many times when I’m helping CEO’s and Hiring Managers find top performing candidates for their Healthcare Communications business. I hear things like “we’ve had our internal recruitment team working on this for 6 months”. Or, “I’m not sure we are seeing the best candidates come through. We have a PSL of agencies we usually use, but they’ve not managed to find the calibre of candidate we need for this role. “I don’t have time to go through all these sub-standard CV’s. They just don’t get it.”

Now I am in no way saying Internal Recruitment teams or agencies don’t work. I’ve worked with both. However, what I do know is that Healthcare Communications businesses who are successful in hiring the right talent, are using several delivery methods rather than just one.

For certain roles, some internal teams either don’t have the bandwidth to go out and actively search the market or they don’t understand the market and industry well enough to know where to look and who to look for. Many agencies out there can provide your Account Manager and Medical Writer ….. but do you really think they can find your senior people?

These people are almost never looking for a job, so they won’t respond to a company web page or LinkedIn advert… unless you are incredibly lucky. And they won’t be on an agency database waiting for a phone call.

So, in the words of Red Adair “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”. 

If you want to discuss some of the challenges you are currently facing when hiring top talent for your Healthcare Communications business and how engaging a specialist can add to your bottom line, please just give me a call.