Heaven or hell?

A highly successful Executive dies, and goes to Hell…

She finds herself on a beautiful golf course and in the distance is an Exclusive Country Club. Many of her old friends are there, smartly dressed and having a wonderful time. She runs towards them and they all cheer and welcome her with open arms.

They all sit down to a fabulous meal of Steak, Lobster and Champagne. The Devil joins them telling jokes and quite honestly being very good company.

"Welcome to Hell he said. Just to let you know you have a choice between here and heaven, so what I am going to do is take you to visit heaven and then you decide where you want to stay".

"Sure" she replied. 

The next day she takes the elevator up to heaven. She spends the day in the clouds playing the harp and overall having an OK time. 

St Peter approached and said "what is your choice Heaven or Hell?”She replied reluctantly "Hell doesn’t seem that bad at all, so I will go for Hell.”

They get into the lift and go back down to Hell. When the doors open, her friends are there again, but all looking really miserable and sitting about on filthy wasteland going through the garbage for food. 

The Executive said, "I don’t understand, yesterday it was Steak, Lobster and Champagne. A beautiful country club, and everyone was so happy. What has happened?” 
The Devil replied.... "Yesterday we were recruiting you, now you are staff."

All too often an inaccurate picture can be painted of a role and/or Company by Recruiters that can costs you time, money and in more serious cases cause a bad career move. Do your own research too, and make sure what you are being told is an accurate reflection.

Something to think about…